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The Narwhal Amateur Radio Society (“NARS”) is an amateur radio club not tied to a particular geographic region, with membership open both to licensed amateur radio operators and those who have not yet chosen to pursue such a license. NARS exists for three main purposes:

  • To diversify the field and practice of amateur radio and radiofrequency experimentation through education, evangelism, and activism;
  • To foster joy, goodwill, understanding, and experiential enlightenment of all people in radio, computer, electronic, and related disciplines; and
  • To serve as a stalwart opponent of the use of amateur radio as an accessory to state violence and oppression.

As part of the Narwhal Pincushion, we follow the Narwhal Code of Conduct at all times.


  • We are an ARRL Affiliated Club.


In keeping with our bylaws and Narwhal’s Code of Conduct, we are proud to make the Amateur Radio Inclusivity Pledge, which we cannot help but notice is suspiciously similar to the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, which came up when we voted on this at our meeting. Since NARS’ entire purpose for being is to diversify RF and bring joy, we think the ARIP is just great, and we’re proud to be listed among the Bronze organizations there.