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Yep, that’s the motto of Field Day 2024: “Be Radioactive.”

While one of our Eastern Washington members suggested that we operate from the Hanford Site in honor of this year’s motto, we are instead going to operate from a (probably?) less radioactive site: Dash Point State Park, between Seattle and Tacoma. We will once again operate in the AB division (5W max power), but hope to field multiple transceivers this year, along with our intrepid NARS Space Force once again working the satellites.

All NARS members are extremely welcome! We have a giant group campsite, so if you’d like to camp (including in a van), that will be no problem at all. Come play with us, even if you don’t have HF privileges (but if you do, we’ll get you on the air!).

Signups aren’t strictly required, but signing up helps us plan for food and operator schedules.

Questions? Email nars@narwhal.be. Want to join in planning? Email us for a Slack invite. See you on the air!