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During our Field Day events, we have wished mightily for a decent explanation we could hand to people of what Field Day is and what we’re doing. The ARRL provides a few printables, but honestly they’re like 95% fluff; “you can do ham radio for emcomm” isn’t an explanation of why we’re in this park. (Honestly it’s not even a good advertisement for the ARRL!) So what to do?

Well, we’ve belatedly realized “hey, we own a printer and some software, we could write our own thing.” So that’s what we’ve done: we’ve made a simple, one-printed-sheet (folded in half to make a simple booklet) explanation of Field Day for the nerd set, suitable for our Field Day, or yours! We’ve released it as CC-BY-SA, so you’re entirely welcome to remix it for your needs, or use it as-is (while it refers to our Field Day site, it also says “if you’re not on Camano Island, a different group than us handed this to you, so go talk to them!” to encourage use by anyone). We entirely encourage other Field Day teams to print, share, and help keep the weird evangelism in ham radio.

It’s formatted for duplex printing (flip on short edge) on 8.5x11 paper; if you wish it was in a different format, you’re welcome to contact us to request (or convert it to your own needs!).

Field Day 2023 Brochure